“I have known Heather for three years and she is one of the brightest and best educated people I have worked with. She seeks depth of knowledge as well as a breadth of understanding.  She is exceptionally well organized and professional.  She is always willing to listen and help. Everyone is always glad to see her! She is very patient, attentive, and authentic.  Heather displays superior listening skills and is effective at developing therapeutic relationship with all ages of client.”

~Dr. John Barton, Psy.D.

“I’m pretty sure that Heather has saved my life at least a few times.”

~17 year old client

“You have been the best therapist I have ever had….And, I’ve had a lot of them!”

~ 15 year old client

“Heather has helped our family so much.  She really connected with our teenage son, which is not easy to do.”

~ Mother of a 16 year old

“Heather helped me get sober and get my daughter back.  She has changed my life.”

~43 year old client

“Heather is one of the most dedicated, professional, insightful therapists I know. I have seen her advocate for her clients in the most compassionate, effective way possible. I would trust her clinical judgement and intuition without hesitation.”

~Katie Fields, L.P.C. Aurora Mental Health

“Heather’s skill and compassion make families feel both supported and challenged. Her passion for the families she works with is apparent in all she does. She’s a great woman and a fantastic therapist.”

~Amy Craig, M.A., L.P.C. Southwest Counseling Associates

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