profileIndividual Therapy: Individual Therapy is a unique and special relationship, in which, you can safely and privately process any of your thoughts, beliefs, behavior patterns, feelings, and memories.  Individual Therapy also involves an element of change and working through the challenges that life gives us.  Many of my clients seek individual therapy to work through concerns ranging from; learning to cope with life challenges, managing powerful mood swings, dealing with past trauma, and working toward personal growth and individual goals.



Family Therapy: I have specialized training in Functional Family Therapy (F.F.T.) and Emotionally Focused Therapy (E.F.T.) for couples and families. I believe that within a family system, there is not only one person that is the problem. Rather, I believe that family dynamics are very complex and that everyone in the family system contributes in some way. As a result, I try to help families see one another in a different light, decrease negativity and blame, increase hope, and find new ways to communicate and work together.


closeupDialectical Behavior Therapy (D.B.T.): D.B.T. is a researched therapy designed to help participants struggling with mood fluctuations, self-awareness, impulsive behavior, self-harm, relationship issues, and suicidal thoughts. The goal of this therapy is to help participants build a “life worth living” by teaching skills to manage their struggles.  My approach as a D.B.T. trained therapist is to balance acceptance of my clients and their struggles, while teaching them new ways to cope.


eyeSubstance Abuse Treatment: This is a specialized treatment designed to help you attain and maintain sobriety.  Sessions start with an assessment of  your substance use, your willingness to change, and your individual goals. A personalized treatment plan may include: weighing the pros and cons of use, identifying the reason for use, identifying current triggers, and creating a plan for relapse prevention.




Parenting Strategies: The old adage, “there is no handbook for parenting” is true.  However, there are many parenting strategies and skills manuals out there for working with difficult children and adolescents.  I do utilize skills from The Parenting the Strong Willed Child curriculum and the Explosive Child research, as well as years of experience in working with teens. This treatment approach is designed to help parents problem solve different ways to deal with their children, disengage from power struggles, reinforce positive behaviors and decrease negative behaviors. I like to partner with parents and help empower them to have a more positive relationship with their children.


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